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If you have any occasion at your home and you want to send your guests an invitation in a special way, then we can help you. The best occasions start way before the dates and that is with an equally enticing invitation. An eye-catching invitation will speak volumes about the party you are throwing and how grand it is going to be. So, to create an enthusiastic audience for your party, we can provide you the best invitation card video making services. When you are throwing a grand party for any occasion whatsoever, you should not compromise on anything, not even on the invitation card. With our invitation card video making service, you can do something unique.

What are the features of our invitation card videos?

Do you want to know about the features that are present in all our invitation card videos? Well, then let’s get started.

Beautiful Imagery

The images that we will choose in the video will be your favorite ones. We will also insert clips of candid moments or maybe you giving a short welcome note. We can customize this exactly according to what you want. For example, if you need whatsapp invitation video for a birthday party, we will first listen to your requirements. We will then produce you the sample video before creating the final one. In today’s era, no one has the time to visit everyone personally and hand them an invitation card. That is why whatsapp videos are becoming more and more popular. With whatsapp birthday invitation video, you can invite your guests with a warm speech and make them feel your presence even if you are not in front of them physically.

Beautiful typography in videos

When it comes to an invitation, everything needs to have a fancy touch. And that is why we make sure to use beautiful typographic fonts in our videos as well. Suppose, you want a marriage invitation video, then the font will be something that denotes elegance. But if you want a cool kids’ party invitation, we can make the font funky too. There are a lot of themes available from which you can choose the one that deems fit. No matter what function you have in your house, our invitation video maker will help you out. It will create a video which will perfectly the capture the essence of your party.

Professional themes

We will provide you with professional themes in our invitation video maker. You will get a variety of colour options, font styles, layouts and many more things. You can also tweak all of them according to your needs.

At Pre Wedding Shoot Jaipur, we ensure to give the best invitation video making services to our customers. We will provide you with the best shareable video with which you can invite your near and dear ones in a warm way. With our themes, you will not face any difficulty in expressing the spirit and feel of the event. We will give you a tailored invitation to boost your big day.